Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello WELLies!  Is it just me or is the word FEARLESS popping up everywhere this week?  Maybe my "FearFree Radar" is personally off the charts, but images and words like COURAGE and LEAP seem to be showing up everywhere! Earlier this week I had the pleasure of an acceleration session with a very high level advisor (yes, even high-level advisors need high-level advisors!) that opened up a whole new level for my business. So that's probably driving my feelings of crystal clear clarity and excitement, but just in case you need your own micro breakthrough, I have an equally powerful session for you!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing, Jacqueline Wales, renowned author of The Fearless Factor.  During our conversation, we go deep on how to help women entrepreneurs move through their fears quickly to grow your business bigger and faster.

In 30 short minutes (we could have gone on for days!), Jacqueline shares quite a few powerful tips, so click here or on the image above to listen and let me know what resonated with you in the comments below!

Enjoy & BE WELL!  XO, jgw