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How will your biz score? Take the quick but enlightening assessment for #womenentrpreneurs at then RT your score!

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Priceless #MomPreneur Moment: "My gross sales are $50 for babysitting and my net profit is $50 too. YES!!" - My 14 year old #GirlPreneur! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Marketing Monday! 

If you've already downloaded the "Grow to a Million RoadMap" audio (and if you haven't you can do it now by registering in the column on the right >>), you know that there are 7 X!Ponential Principles that drive the 7X! Coach system. 
We all need to get a lot of work done today 
(it's Marketing Monday after all!), so for now, let’s just talk about the X!Ponential Principle of PURPOSE.

I know what you’re thinking. Oh no, not another lecture on finding your PURPOSE. Nope, not here, not me. But what I do have to offer is a completely different way of thinking about purpose, 
which by the way leads to passion, 
which is ultimately your treasure map to profits!

As an X!Ponential Principle, I want you to think about PURPOSE from the perspective of these 4 questions:

1)    WHY are you building what you’re building? WHY is that your response to the WHY? 
2)    What are the DANGERS to what you are building?
3)    What are the STRENGTHS that will help you build what you are building?
4)    What are the OPPORTUNITIES to help build what you are building?
If you can clearly answer these 4 questions (because clarity is nectar of financial freedom), not only will you be able to visualize and create your million dollar roadmap, you will also be able to communicate your roadmap to your team, no matter how big or small your team is.

A clear team is  a confident team (that includes team you, yourself and you!), which is the first giant step towards growing a million dollar business.

OK, your turn. Ponder and then pen your thoughts.  No need for perfection- just honesty and authenticity.

Until next time, have a great week and remember, don't just think big...

THINK X!Ponential! 



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It feels weird being so quiet on social media. I'm working on big clients and big programs so my head is down and focused! What's keeping you busy this summer?

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Love, love, love this one > "Declare that you ARE who you are waiting to be." @Michael Hyatt Intentional Leadership

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ask Julie!
America’s Business Broker
Syndicated Column, April 2, 2012 

Question: I own my building and want to lease it to the buyer of my business for more rent than I currently pay. Will this effect my valuation? 

Answer: If you own your building and plan to lease it to your buyer at a higher rent than you are currently charging yourself, a negative adjustment (reduction) will have to be made on your annual earnings to reflect the new amount. For example, if you charge yourself $8,000 a month ($96,000 annually) but the market rent you will charge the buyer is $15,000 a month ($180,000 annually), you will have to subtract $84,000 from earnings for each year you are under charging yourself. The problem compounds when you multiply the negative adjustment by the pricing multiple. If your business is priced at 3 times discretionary earnings, the net negative impact of the adjustment is a $252,000 hit AGAINST your selling price- ouch! From this illustration you can see that a fair market adjustment can be a significant, so plan ahead and charge yourself properly after discussing the tax consequences with your CPA.

Have a question for Julie? Just post it below for a quick reply!

A little Monday nudge for you :) > "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." -Heale D. Walsch

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I am SO honored to be a part... Big congrats Marsha! XO RT@WomenPresidents: 100 #WPO chapters strong! Congratulations Marsha!

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Social Media: Fad or Fundamental SHIFT?

I am speaking to over 100 business brokers in April and in May on social media and came across this video. In my opinion it's not about "out with the old and in with the new", but rather embrace the new and ride the revolutionnnnnnnnn!! :) Take a look and let me know what you think... j.

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Luv this :) RT @UncleRUSH: "Happiness comes as a direct result of making others happy." #SuperRich

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Ask Julie!
America’s Business Broker

Weekly Syndicated Column, February 21, 2012

Question: Why would a buyer want to buy MY business?

Answer: There are 5 reasons why there will ALWAYS be a buyer for your business (whew! :):

1) To avoid the Risks of Start-Ups or Organic Expansion
Experienced entrepreneurs know how difficult it is to start a business from zero. You probably remember that it takes hours and hours of dedicated thought, implementation, mistakes, and correction. If a buyer has started a business and failed, or started a business and sold it, they understand the value of an established entity. They will value all elements of the infrastructure you have created and will pay you a fair price for your enterprise. They also have the ability to perform, or as brokers like to say “pull the trigger,” and make an offer if most of the information they learn about your business fits their criteria.

2) To achieve Growth More Rapidly by Acquiring New Products, Technology or Markets
Once a business has achieved the milestone of a million dollars in sales, owners begin looking for ways to grow faster and easier than it took them to get to the first million, so acquisition often becomes a key strategy. By acquiring a new product line, technology, or market share, a similar business with a strong cash position can be an attractive buyer candidate.

3) To acquire an Established Presence or Strengthen Market Position

We are now getting into competitor territory, so qualify the buyer thoroughly and advance information slowly. If you have a business that serves the western region, regional players in the central or eastern states may be interested in growing their market share with a synergistic purchase of your company. These buyers are competitors, so they are professionally qualified, but make sure that they have a strong balance sheet (a lot of cash and a small amount of debt). You should also be prepared that you will probably be asked to stay on in a management capacity to continue running the region after the merger. This is a big decision because if you sell and merge your business, you will become an employee of your own company!

4) Acquire Undervalued Assets
At the writing of this post, we are experiencing the worst economy since the depression era. With so many businesses with declining revenues, there are bottom-feeding buyers with cash to burn and an appetite for acquisition. Be sure you are sitting down when you read their offer, but really, can you blame them? Don’t throw in the towel just yet—if you are willing to participate in the financing and help grow the company back to profitability, there just might be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

5) To achieve the American dream of being self-employed.
You know this one from personal experience. Enough said. :)

Do you have a question or comment for me? Just leave it below and I promise to reply!

Talk to you soon and remember...

Your Exit Journey Began the Day you Started Your Business!

Julie Gordon White, CBB, has worked with hundreds of business sellers and buyers over the last 10 years as a Certified Business Broker, and is the bestselling author of “EXIT! 12 Steps to Sell Your Business for the Price You Deserve”. Julie is a trusted resource for Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, San Francisco Business Times, and Enterprising Women; the Current Past President of the California Association of Business Brokers; and has been a member Women Presidents’ Organization since 2007. Discover more EXIT! info + videos at

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Ask Julie!
America’s Business Broker
Weekly Syndicated Column

Question: I heard that a lot of businesses never sell. Why is that?

Answer: When you finally make the tough decision to sell your business, you deserve to achieve the highest market price for your company, and to do so, you must plan your exit strategy with the same amount of thought and detail that you used to to grow the darn business in the first place!

But what if you don’t plan? What might your fate be? Instead of a smooth and painless transition out of your company, you may be forced to exit your business by one of the following unfortunate scenarios:

1) Closing the Business
This is obviously the most painful option. To be forced to close a business that you have put your heart and soul into developing is a sad misfortune and could have likely been avoided with proper planning. To receive any cash at all, the owner will probably need to have a fire sale for any remaining assets.

2) Receiving an Unsolicited Offer from a Competitor
I get called in frequently to assist a business owner after a business owner has been approached by a competitor seeking to buy them out. In this scenario, the owner rarely understands what the market value is for their company, let alone how and what to communicate (or hold back) from a buyer that is probably a close competitor.

3) Succession Without Adequate Tax Planning
So your daughter decides that she is having a midlife crisis and wants to buy your business and just before you present her with the Asset Purchase Agreement, she tells you that she was hoping that you would just give her your company (she is your daughter after all!). However, you must proceed with caution! If you are not aware of the tax consequences of a parent “gifting” a business to a child, you need to find out ASAP.

Selling to a child without adequate tax planning isn’t the only way to end up giving your business proceeds to Uncle Sam. If you are a C Corporation and you sell only the assets of your corporation and not the stock, you may be subject to paying taxes on the consideration (consideration is cash, loan payments, etc.) received for the sale at the corporate level and then again at the personal level when you take the cash. There are ways to mitigate your tax burden, so spend the time and money to review and understand your options as they relate to the tax consequences of the sale.

4) Accident, Illness, Divorce or Death
Dependence on a key employee without documented systems in place is very risky.
Equally devastating, a sudden illness, divorce or death of a key employee or partner will have the same effect or greater, so plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Treat your business as if you were planning to franchise it and document every single step just like McDonald’s. There’s a reason why every burger tastes the same no matter where you go, so take heed and write everything down.

Now that you understand what you don’t want to happen, you can now see why planning your exit is so important. Simply put, exit planning or lack of, can either make you, save you, or lose you, thousands (if not millions) of dollars!

In part two of this series, we will talk about the positive side of the equations- 6 Reasons Why Businesses DO Sell, visit again next Monday to discover how you can secure your pot of gold at the end of your entrepreneurial rainbow.

Talk to you soon and remember, your Exit Journey began the day you started your business…

Cheers and keep emailing me your questions at!
Julie Gordon White, CBB, has worked with hundreds of business sellers and buyers over the last 10 years as a Certified Business Broker, and is the bestselling author of “EXIT! 12 Steps to Sell Your Business for the Price You Deserve”. Julie is a trusted resource for Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, San Francisco Business Times, and Enterprising Women; the Current Past President of the California Association of Business Brokers; and has been a member Women Presidents’ Organization since 2007. Discover more EXIT! info + videos at policy: This column is available for re-print if used in its entirety including the author bio and contact information for non-commercial purposes without any editing whatsoever unless approved in advance by the author.

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@BizBuySell: Tip Tuesday: When deciding to sell your business, know the various paths to a successful business sale. Read them here:

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Luv it! > RT @WomansAdvantage: Women business owners alone have $3 trillion in purchasing power and are the world's fastest growing market.

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I'm quoted in today’s Woman’s Advantage Calendar!

I’m excited! My advice was selected for today’s page of The 2012 Woman’s Advantage Calendar out of over 5,000 quotes submitted!

“Your Exit Journey began the day you started your business.”

Important! > @smallbiztrends: 5 Easy Ways to Stay on Top of Your Accounting

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Hmm > RT@SynergyBizNWA: Busting The 10 Biggest Small Biz Myths - Great list from @scorementors. #8: Success is about...

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!!! RT @BizBuySell: RT @gaeblerdotcom: More small biz were sold in 2011 as the market for business exits... gains steam

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>> RT@EWMagazine: Are you a woman biz owner looking to build/expand into the global market? This new issue is for you:
@ChipConley's (Joie de Vivre Hotels) SF party for his new book "Emotional Equation" is tonight. Will you be there?

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Question: What are the 3 Needle Movers in your business this year? Show me yours and I'll show you mine ;)

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<3 RT @MichaelEGerber: Facilitate work on dreams aligning biz & life into something deeper & more stunning than ever imagined. #Origination

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Live your best lifestyle! RT @bizsugar: How to Build a Business that Runs Without You: Part 1

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NYResolutions are awesome in my book. Even if they don't hold forever, that initial surge can launch you in the perfect direction!
Happy New Year and wishing you a Dreams Come True 2012! xo, J