Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Marketing Monday! 

If you've already downloaded the "Grow to a Million RoadMap" audio (and if you haven't you can do it now by registering in the column on the right >>), you know that there are 7 X!Ponential Principles that drive the 7X! Coach system. 
We all need to get a lot of work done today 
(it's Marketing Monday after all!), so for now, let’s just talk about the X!Ponential Principle of PURPOSE.

I know what you’re thinking. Oh no, not another lecture on finding your PURPOSE. Nope, not here, not me. But what I do have to offer is a completely different way of thinking about purpose, 
which by the way leads to passion, 
which is ultimately your treasure map to profits!

As an X!Ponential Principle, I want you to think about PURPOSE from the perspective of these 4 questions:

1)    WHY are you building what you’re building? WHY is that your response to the WHY? 
2)    What are the DANGERS to what you are building?
3)    What are the STRENGTHS that will help you build what you are building?
4)    What are the OPPORTUNITIES to help build what you are building?
If you can clearly answer these 4 questions (because clarity is nectar of financial freedom), not only will you be able to visualize and create your million dollar roadmap, you will also be able to communicate your roadmap to your team, no matter how big or small your team is.

A clear team is  a confident team (that includes team you, yourself and you!), which is the first giant step towards growing a million dollar business.

OK, your turn. Ponder and then pen your thoughts.  No need for perfection- just honesty and authenticity.

Until next time, have a great week and remember, don't just think big...

THINK X!Ponential! 



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