Friday, January 23, 2015

SYMPOSIA :: 2015 Conference for Women Entrepreneurs... 7 Days to 7 Figures!

You're just 7 days away for learning from 7 figure women about how they started and grew their amazing companies -- and I guarantee, it wasn't all peaches and unicorns! Click the video for my quick message and I'll see you at SYMPOSIA :: 2015 Conference for Women Entrepreneurs VERY soon! xo,J.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

9 Things That Women with Multimillion Dollar Businesses Focus On

Good Evening WELLies!

I'm heading to the beautiful Napa Valley in the morning for a 3 day retreat with my Women Presidents Organization (WPO) chapter, and wanted to share what we will be focusing on so you can do the same for your business too. Sharing is caring right? :)

As a bit of background, WPO is a global organization of women entrepreneurs who own multimillion dollar companies. I have been a member since 2007 and it has been instrumental in growing my business through great times and extremely challenging times, so as soon as you hit 7 figures, I would love to recommend you for membership.

So getting back to the retreat, in addition to incredible speakers (and a little spa time of course!), our facilitator will guide us through the following 9 questions so we can go deep on strategy and tactics, and ensure that we hit the ground running this year. 

The 9 focus areas we will work through are:

1. What are the core values of your business (what do you stand for)?
2. What is your core focus (what is your purpose and passion)?
3. What is your 10 year target (revenue, team members, etc.)?
4. What is your 3 year target (revenue, profit, team members, etc.)?
5. What is your 1 year target (revenue, profit, team members, etc.)?
6. What are your primary marketing strategies?
7. What are your goals for this year (revenue, profit, team, etc.)?
8. What are your focused activities this quarter to achieve your goals?
9. What are the roadblock that may slow down your success?

These are simple yet very powerful questions culled from a book called Traction.

Even if you don't have 3 days to ponder them, I would love for you to set aside at least 3 hours. Growth planning isn't a luxury, so don't feel guilty about taking this time because your business and your sanity depend on it! I also encourage you limit yourself to 3 to 5 answers for each question. As a small but growing business, less is usually more so focus on what will move your goals closer with the least amount of effort.

Want to see those 9 strategies in action?

Come and meet 2 of my WPO sisters at SYMPOSIA :: 2015 Conference for Women Entrepreneurs on January 30th and hear their amazing stories about how they handle growing a big business head on, keeping their marriages in tact, and somehow raising 5 awesome kids between them in the process... Impressive!

Alright, my suitcase beckons! If you retreat while I'm retreating, reply and let me know how it went, and until next time...

Be Profitable & Be WELL!

XO, J.

P.S. Click here, then on Lara and Sharon's pics to read their bios if you want to take a peek...(THEY ROCK if I do say so myself!)

P.S. Double dip and bring an accountability partner to the conference... Now THAT's a strategy!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

{Video} We're Talking Tactics! 5 Fabulous "Fs" for Women Entrepreneurs in 2015!

Welcome to a new year and a new chance to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true! As you step up and into your 2015 fresh start, consider these 5 ideas as a road map to accelerate you towards your best year yet... And because I know you have them, be sure to share YOUR success strategies for 2015 in the comments below! Cheers and HNY!! xoxo, j.
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