Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stress-Free Relationship Building by Keith Ferrazzi

Top 10 Personal Rituals for Stress-Free Relationship Building
Posted on December 1st, 2009 by Keith Ferrazzi

In a recent post on time management, I asked for your favorite rituals for stress-free relationship building. They were all great! Here are my ten favorites:

10. Dog walking. That's prime pinging time for me, working from a home office. The dog doesn't mind. - John Kerr

9. Network at the gym. - Elizabeth Rhody

8. Every 3-4 months, organize informal drinks as a way to connect with people - but in a very time efficient manner. You buy appetizers, everyone buys their own drinks. - Sital

7. Split your lunch hour in two: Eat with one person and go for a walk with another. It gets in a little extra exercise and many people are happy to move around in the middle of the day. - Alizabeth Van Wieren

6. Make time to pray, worship, and listen to music often to help keep yourself energized. - Evie Denis

5. Create a blog to use as a reference library. In that blog I collect links and articles that I want to save for future reference. I also share the blog content with other artists. Not having to dig for links saves a lot of time. - Marie Kazalia

4. Give up TV! - Maria

3. Identify one "most important task" each day, and then devote the first hour of the day to that task -- before checking email or doing anything else. - Matt Perman

2. Sports junkies: use TV game time to follow up on e-mails, and schedule calls/mtgs with people. - SCOR

1. Get to appointments at least 15 minutes early and use those minutes for pinging, returning emails and social media. You can get a lot done with focus! - Juli Monroe