Monday, October 25, 2010

My Marathon

Because many of you have asked how it went...

Yes! I survived the Nike Woman's Marathon on October 17th and I am now a proud card carrying member of the 26.2 club!

Truth be told, it was the HARDEST thing I have ever done. Childbirth was WAY easier (I had drugs on board)!

I was just trotting along all the way to mile 21 when I started to fall apart (yes, the WALL). I was so exhausted that I stopped running completely and began a slowwwwwww, longggggg walk towards the finish line.

At one point, the sweeper car came by and said that if I stayed at that pace that I would have get picked up by the van for safety reasons because they were closing the course behind me! So what do you think I said back to him? "HELL NO!! I have come too far and there is no way in hell that I am getting in a van!" Try to imagine how tired and delirious I was at that point. I had been on the course for about 5 hours.

Then suddenly, I saw a vaguely familiar figure running towards me with a fresh lopey gate. As the figure got closer, I realized that it was my brother! He had run 4 miles up the course from the finish in the pouring rain to find me. As soon as I realized it was him I immediately broke down and began to cry! I was exhausted and in pain and he was a knight in shining armor! After a huge wet hug and a kiss, he said as a typical little brother would, "OK, knock it off, we have work to do!"

Then he made me put his ipod on and the tunes instantly gave me a boost. From there we shuffled, walked, trotted, sloshed, cursed and laughed the final 4.2 miles to the finish line. DONE!

I have never been more thrilled to eat a dry bagel in my life!!

At the finish I was greeted by my marathon-running dad with flowers, Dave, Georgia and Blake. My mom was there too with my young nephews but after waiting an hour for me in the rain she had to take the babies back to the car.

So my goal was to finish within the allotted time of 6 hours and 30 minutes and my final chip time was 6 hours and 27 minutes- and I wasn't even the last one on the course (thank goodness)!

It took me until Thursday morning to feel 100% again and I can't wait for my first post-marathon run on Wednesday. Not a bad recovery for 45 year-old muscles!

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I am thrilled that I took the challenge. Believe it or not, my running partner Lisa and I are signed up for another marathon on December 5th.

Hmmm... I have until November 5th to get a refund so we'll see! :)

Thanks to all for your encouragement and support...

xoxo, jgw

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