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Fw: PR LEADS! HARO Tuesday Afternoon Queries "How to Get Paid What You're Worth" Edition

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So... How many freelancers or consultants on HARO? Want to make
sure you're getting paid what you're worth? Some simple tips:

********* INDEX ***********

Biotech and Healthcare

1) Changing Medicare elections (Seniors 55+ Web Portal)

2) Delivery Room Primping (NewsProNet Video)

Business and Finance

3) Filing taxes late (Major monthly glossy)

4) Translation Mistakes (Marketing, Strategy, Kosher! Blog www.issamar.com/strategy.)

5) Looking for real estate expert house loan broker in D.C. metro area (The Washington Examiner)

6) Seeking D.C. metro area expert to comment on buying vacation homes (The Washington Examiner)

7) Setting up an emergency fund (Bankrate.com)

8) Recession Job Retraining Stories (MainStreet.com)

9) Reducing Overhead Costs (ToiletPaperEntrepreneur.Com)

10) Entrepreneur Journeys: Tech/Online Companies with >$10M in annual revenue (http://www.sramanamitra.com)

11) Looking for someone with an extremely low credit score (MainStreet.com)

12) Retailer redesigns (Internet Retailer)

13) How to Ensure you get a raise (MainStreet.com)


14) college admissions specialists / high school advisors (NextStepU)

Energy and Green Tech

15) Solar Manufacturers, Installers, Producers with Innovative Products (ScheinMedia)

Entertainment and Media

16) Looking for unique creative guests (Doug Foresta Show)

17) MTV global reach (The Miami Herald)

18) Victims of Abuse and a Chance for Victory (CarLou Media & Publishing)

19) Pet Lifestyle and Entertainment (MBB Radio Network)

20) Secrets of ebooks (Book)


21) Architecture and Interior Design (International Design Magazine)

22) Girls Going the Extra Mile to Make a Difference (Book)

23) Looking for a wedding expert (Online Women's Magazine)

24) Building Your OWN Brand (Radio)

25) Video Production (Social Media Club Journal)

26) Preventing Financial Arguments (MainStreet.com)

27) Helping a Loved One Cope with Splitting from Their Significant Other (FabulousLiving.com)

28) Home Safety Tips While You're Away on Vacation (FabulousLiving.com)

29) Healthy products/books/DVDs or Published Health Research or Research - NEW for May 2011 (Better Homes & Gardens)

30) Quirky in-laws (Redbook)

31) Looking for physical therapist or expert to comment on joint replacement recovery (Orthopedic Publication)

32) Seeking NE Dayton Human Interest Stories (Dayton Daily News)

33) Is PR really starting to lead more integrated campaigns? (PRWeek)

Lifestyle and Fitness

34) Working on a spring pedicure story and looking for an expert to weigh in (Girls' Life)

35) Need Boston Marathon Runners (Examiner.com)

36) Tech Savvy chefs and restaurants using mobile and Web apps (Major Tech Blog)

37) jeans, jeans, jeans (examiner)

38) New query THE WANDER YEARS (Viking)

39) How moms can remain connected to their partners (Parent & Child magazine)

40) Entertaining (SK)

41) Essential Books for a Healthy Man's Library (Men's Journal)

42) How to Handle Changing Up Your Look (Bella in You magazine)

43) Spusal snoring - try this! (First for Women)

44) How to Become a Beauty Professional (SpaBeautySchools.com)

45) young women and alcohol (SELF magazine)

Public Policy and Government

46) Obama Increasing Engagement with Africa (Atlanta Post)


47) Hotel deals for skiers (OnTheSnow.com)

48) Places to stay and not to stay in St. Louis, MO (Travelated)

49) Need Example of a Vendor Creative Problem Solving at Texas Folklife Festival (area magazine)



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