Sunday, November 20, 2011

Selling the Empire’s of Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Simon Cowell

Today I was sitting at my desk and for some reason I started thinking, “If I were selling the business empires of Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Simon Cowell, what would be the marketing message they would want me to communicate to potential buyers?”. After laughing OUT LOUD all by myself in my office J, here’s what came to my mind (I’m still smiling as I type this!):

Oprah Winfrey
“This company has been an unexpected spiritual journey for me and my wish for the new buyer is that the legacy of living your highest life and best life would be continued for our viewers, our readers and for the amazing person that sees the value in this company and desires to take it to the next level.”

Richard Branson
“Building this company has been an amazing seat-of-the-pants ride for me and the next man or woman who takes it over better have their knickers on tight!”

Donald Trump
“This is THE most AMAZING and OUTSTANDING organization on the planet and anyone who wouldn’t pay top dollar for it is a fool. You’re fired.”

Martha Stewart
“You will never find a more neatly organized and categorized set of financial statements and business processes anywhere. In fact, every strategy, decision and tactic we have ever made during the history of this company has been documented and placed in color-coded binders, with a cross-referenced alpha-numeric labeling system and placed in a water and fire proof vault. Would you like some oolong tea and a scone while you thumb through the volumes?”

Simon Cowell
“If you are as borrrrring as a karaoke cabernet singer on a cruise ship, don’t even bother making an offer. Bloody hell. Next!”

I’m still lol! I’ve got to get out more often!

When the day comes to sell YOUR empire (small or large, it’s all relative!), what will your marketing message be? Be sure to make it provocative enough for someone to want to learn more and eventually sign on the bottom line, but resist the urge to overly “fluff” things up because fluff usually goes flat during due diligence.

I’m Julie Gordon White, America’s Favorite Business Broker, signing off for now.

Take care, talk to you soon! jgw.

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