Thursday, August 1, 2013

Splash in The Spotlight! "Cici's Italian Butterhorns"

 Welcome to "Splash in The Spotlight at The WELL" featuring **Christine Falatico Frey, CEO of Cici's Italian Butterhorns**, who launched her business after her two children went off to college. 
“I just felt like it was my time,” said the self-taught chef, who learned to cook sweet and savory Italian fare from her Nana. 

Much to her delight, CiCi’s has become a family affair: Frey’s daughter helps with baking, her son maintains her web presence and marketing, and her husband packs product and schleps boxes. 

Christine's yummy butterhorns can be found at many fine food stores, so if you see them, don't resist! 

For more info, visit her website at  Congrats Christine and keep up the delicious work!

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