Monday, March 31, 2014

We're Talking Tactics! Important Question for You

I had the pleasure of being the featured speaker for NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Las Vegas and NAWBO Agoura Hills in Los Angeles last week.  When I give a talk, I always like to begin with a provocative question, so to get you thinking too, here it is...

So what was your answer - "Yes", "Maybe" or "No Thanks!"? Post it below and let's start a conversation around how to turn the maybe's and no thanks into yeses!  Comment now and I'll reply back right away.

Until then, Be Profitable & Be WELL! XO, jgw.


Monica Heyden said...

Julie -

LOVED this video, and my answer at the moment to my readiness for selling my business is "not yet".

I am profitable (at 52% margin in 2013 if you don't count all my undocumented labor hours) and unique in my niche market, but I don't have the consistent client volume I want yet to make this a sure thing for a buyer.

This is partly my fault for not marketing more aggressively, but also due to the fact that I unwittingly chose a micro-niche requiring me to speak nationally in order to make a sale in an industry that doesn't want to let me in as a speaker.

I also need to perfect my systems' usability so that most rather than just a few clients are making an additional 6 figures in 6 months.

Working on more and more leverageable marketing, delivery and finance systems that don't exhaust me so much--mostly because I'm doing everything myself.

Management systems are nonexistent until our volume picks up a bit and I can hire a team.

My clients are also pretty attached to my persona as a business consultant, so that's something to thoughtfully work myself away from.

They say your 3rd-5th business attempt is when you really hit the mark. It's been quite a learning curve, but I believe I'm almost there. Your insights into what to prioritize for sellability are so valuable Julie. I'm using them to plan my next venture from the beginning. Thanks again.

- Monica Heyden
The Doctor's Profit Doctor

Julie Gordon White said...


I'm glad the video was valuable for you! Based on your comments and as a member of our accelerate community, I know that you are a very thoughtful entrepreneur and I don't have any doubt that you will have a breakthrough very soon! Maybe listen to the "1st Thing First" audio again (the link is on a blog post in January) to see if you can simplify your process to make it easier to move forward. You sound like me - you prefer to run before you walk, but when we do that, we usually fall down! :) Try very focused, small, and SIMPLE steps and see how that develops! Thanks as always Monica for your ongoing contribution to the women at The WELL!

Talk soon - XO, j.