Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Clarity

Although Spring is already in full swing (my itchy nose tells me so!), to me, May feels like the official gateway to summer. And as we move forward through the second quarter, it's critical to focus on what needs to happen in order to make our business dreams come true this year, which brings me to one if my favorite topics - CLARITY.

Being concerned about clarity can seem fluffy, but in fact, clarity is the basis for all things strategic and powerful in your business.

When we lack clarity, we lose our way. We chase our tails. We think we are bored or uninspired. We might even go as far as to change our entire business model because secretly we think we are wrong. Wrong about what to do to grow our businesses- maybe even wrong for trying to be an entrepreneur at all. Sigh.

Last week I had the privilege of advising 8 incredible women entrepreneurs in private 1:1 sessions. Some were start ups striving towards their first $100K, some were established and trying to breakthrough their self imposed $200K limit, and some had mature multimillion dollar companies  in "post-recession re-invention mode" looking for a powerful plan for acceleration.

The interesting thing they had in common was that they had all lost their clarity.

Without clarity, they were frustrated, making things more complicated than they needed to be and down right stuck. However even with all of that, they were all still committed to their mission and eager to find their way "back" quickly.

Through my hour with each of them, it was very exciting to help them draw out the answers that they already knew but weren't trusting, and also contribute ideas and a filter to help then form clear, do-able and energy igniting plans... aka... Clarity!

The bottom line is that we all get stuck. We all lose our way.

When you find yourself spinning in circles, not taking action and maybe even feeling a little down, know that it's not the end of your entrepreneurial journey - you probably just need to regain your clarity.

So if this feels a little too familiar, I encourage you to reach out to a respected peer, a spouse or partner that knows you inside and out, or a trusted advisor to help clear the way. But whatever you do, do something!

And to help you take the first step, here is a link to a short talk I gave about clarity as the closing remarks of SYMPOSIA, my conference last January for women entrepreneurs. In the talk I share with you how I personally regained post-recession clarity, and how that clarity is the reason we are connect right now through The WELL. :)

Clarity Video Link:

Julie Gordon White The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs

Again, welcome to May and if I can help you sharpen your clarity privately like the women above or through our accelerate! group program, don't hesitate to ask!

Until next time,

Be Profitable & Be WELL!

XO, jgw.

P.S. Be sure to bookmark the page with my video on clarity because you never know when you just might need a little breakthrough! xoxo

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