Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buzz is Building for the EXIT! Book!

Here is a sneak peak at the introduction for the EXIT! Book written by Jim Horan, President of The One Page Business Plan Company (

Jim has sold MILLIONS of books to business owners and I am grateful for hit time and support of this project! Here is (I'm SO EXCITED!!):

"Most people can’t or won’t think about how or when they will exit from their business unless they are force to. They know this will be one of the most significant events in their life that will impact them, their family, partners, employees and possibly their community. The continuous postponement of planning the exit from one’s business is a serious mistake.

Failing to proactively plan your exit means you run the risk you will be forced to sell your company because of unexpected health, personal or family events, poor economic conditions, poor management decisions, fraud, bankruptcy and other disastrous business ending events. Selling a business under duress is never a happy event. It also may mean the people the most important to you will have to tackle and manage this process because you can’t.

Here is the good news!

In this book, Julie Gordon White does an amazing job of demystifying and simplifying the process of how to exit from your business. She clearly explains the 12 steps you must take to sell your business for the price you want and deserve. This is a comprehensive “how to” manual that covers the entire process, step by step.

The author immediately answers the questions most sellers what to know like, when is the best time to sell my business? How do I calculate what my business is worth? What is the profile of the buyer who will be willing to buy my business at the price and terms I want and deserve? Plus much more and her explanations are clear and understandable.

Like your business? Not in a hurry to sell?

This is the perfect time to begin to learning the steps and processes on how to exit your business. I encourage you do a quick read of the entire book and then calculate the value of your business using Julie’s easy formula. If you are not happy with the result, use this book as a tool to assess your business. Rethink how you are operating your business. Ask yourself what changes can I make that will improve my valuation… then make a plan and begin to implement those changes. I also encourage you to explore the many checklists she provides and begin to make a list of the next steps you are going to take. Be proactive… your business is an important asset!

People who have sold one or more businesses say when they start a new business they immediately begin to think about who the potential buyer(s) is going to be… and then build the business they will want to buy. It is solid advice.

Read EXIT! today. It’s a small investment of your time. I promise it will generate an exponential return on your investment. I also think you will enjoy the process.

Jim Horan, Author, Consultant, Speaker
President, The One Page Business Plan Company"

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