Friday, July 29, 2011

If you are writing a book too, you might like reading actual comments from my book editor...

This is an excerpt from the Editorial Letter I received on my book from Bessie at CreateSpace. I have a little work to do but overall, not bad! (email me if you want to read the entire 5 pages)

Exit! Overview
Exit! is a very well-written book. Your readers will find it extremely handy—whether they are the type to read every word or the type to zone in on the highlighted points and skim the rest. You anticipate the needs, concerns, and issues facing your readers so well, and your readers will appreciate your ability to understand what they are going through as well as your depth of experience and your excellent communication skills. You also write so well about human nature and the psychology of the selling process—topics I would guess are all too often overlooked. Most of my comments and suggestions deal with relatively minor grammatical issues and consistency of formatting, but these are simple corrections to make. Overall, you have written an excellent book that makes what could be a dry and/or complicated topic downright pleasant to read about. Well done.

Exit! Main Objective
You certainly hit the mark with your purpose here. Your points are clearly mapped out, presented well, explained thoroughly, and communicated in language that is easy to understand. Your tone is knowledgeable, helpful, and positive. You do a great job of covering all of your bases thoroughly while not getting too wordy or going off on tangents. You stay true to the roadmap you present from the beginning and tie up all issues and even present them in a nice and easy-to-reference summary at the end. Your readers will be very happy to have you as their guide through a complicated process that you have made less scary and more achievable.

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