Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Economy Doesn't Predict Your Future, Just Ask Your Customers

According to one of my favorite small business voices, Verne Harnish of

"Economic Predictions 2011 -- what is a person supposed to believe about the economy -- and predict how one should plan for 2011? My serious recommendation (and one I've given to my own personal clients) -- contact your top ten biggest customers this month, especially if they are large firms, and find out what they are predicting for 2011. In many cases, this is all that matters anyway -- their perceptions will drive their decisions and if they are big customers of yours, it will have an impact on you. And August is the very best time to reach the top guys (they aren't busy and likely not vacationing the entire month) -- ask them "so what are you seeing/predicting for 2011." Then plan accordingly!"

Great advice. Let me know what you find out... J.

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