Friday, July 3, 2009

Run's House- Modern Day Cosby's?

Hmmm... Well maybe a hip hop version. None the less, Rev Run and his brood of 6 (including adopted baby Miley after the tragic loss of a baby girl) offer modern messages of family (parenting and marriage), entrepreneurship (music, clothing and a tennis shoe empire with mega entrepreneur brother Russell Simmons) and spirituality (he's a Rev!). These topics are tops on my list as a wife of 18 years, mom of three ages 16, 10 and 8 and the Broker/Principal of BlueKey Business Brokerage M&A ( Trying to raise grounded kids, taking time to stay connected to my hubby and pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams can sometimes seem unrealistic and overwhelming. That's where spirituality comes in- remembering that my purpose is to share my knowledge, gifts and talents with as many people who want to receive them. Service. It's really why we are all here. The thing that I really like about Run's House (on MTV) is seeing that like the Cosby's, we all struggle with the same issues regardless of economics or race. Good marriage, happy kids, fulfilling careers. Today, I love my life (my mom always says to say it when you feel it because the moment can be fleeting!). Happy Independence Day... J.

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